Pete O’Heeron, MSHA, CEO SpinalCyte, LLC.

Mr. O’Heeron Holds the Following 13 Patents. Mr. O’Heeron currently has 63 Patents Pending

Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Advisor

Top Patents

8,241,621 Stem cell mediated treg activation/expansion for therapeutic immune modulation. Covers immune regulatory cells in adipose tissues and was sold to public company Cytori Inc.

8,288,172 Extracorporeal removal of microvesicular particles. Covers ways of treating cancer by removing cancer-produced immune poisons called “exosomes”.  This was sold to pubic company Aethlon Medical.

8,372,797 Treatment of erectile dysfunction by stem cell therapy. Covers use of stem cells for treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients in which pharmacological approaches do not work. This is part of the public company Creative Medical Technology Holdings.

9,205,112 Combination treatment of cardiovascular disease. Covers the augmentation of stem cell activity using intravenous nutrients.  The patent was sold to AngioStem Inc.

9,427,450 Therapeutic immune modulation by stem cell secreted exosomes. Covers the use of nanoparticles called exosomes for modifying the immune system in patients with autoimmune diseases. The patent was sold to Intrexon Inc, a NYSE traded company.

9,433,646 Methods of inhibiting growth of a neoplastic cell. Covers the “teaching” of cancer cells to turn into non-cancerous cells by exposure to placental extracts. The patent was sold to Medistem Inc, which was purchased by Intrexon.

9,682,047 Augmentation of oncology immunotherapies by pterostilbene containing compositions. Covers the use of a blueberry derived extract to increase efficacy of cancer immunotherapies.  The patent was sold to Therapeutic Solutions International, a public company.

8,263,571 Gene silencing of the brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (BORIS). Covers a new way of treating cancer by using gene silencing to block activity of a protein known as the “Achilles Heel” of cancer.