Spinal Disc Therapy


Pete O’Heeron, MSHA, CEO SpinalCyte, LLC.

Mr. O’Heeron leads an operational investment group which identifies early stage opportunities in the medical field with strong intellectual property positions. Through his over 20 years of medical technology development experience, Mr. O’Heeron brings together the resources necessary to commercialize unique technologies. Prior to founding SpinalCyte, LLC, Mr. O’Heeron founded NeoSurg Technologies, Inc. to develop a minimally invasive access system. As a result of his efforts, NeoSurg Technologies was successful in launching the T2000 Minimally Invasive Access System. This system enabled surgical facilities the ability to reduce their costs by up 60%. Mr. O’Heeron completed the sale of NeoSurg Technologies to CooperSurgical in 2005. Mr. O'Heeron was employed by Christus Health Care Corporation in a variety of executive-level positions throughout the system from 1987 to 1995. Mr. O’Heeron has provided strategic advisory services to healthcare companies in the areas of biologics, surgical instrumentation, and telemedicine.

Mr. O’Heeron graduated from Texas State University with a BS in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Business Administration. He received his Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of Houston. Mr. O’Heeron is a Certified Healthcare Executive and a Diplomate of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Mr. O’Heeron Holds the Following 11 Patents.  Mr. O’Heeron currently has 49 Patents Pending